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Digital marketing strategy for small businesses

What a great way to start the New Year! Thank you NZFuture Community Trust for inviting me as a guest speaker for the digital marketing strategy workshop for small businesses. A great audience, meaningful conversations, and interesting questions.

It was a pleasure to learn from future-forward and enthusiastic people about their challenges and help them draft some ideas for social media and content marketing.

  • digital marketing strategy workshop

Workshop topics

The workshop covered two of the most important aspects of digital marketing – social media and content marketing. All materials, including industry templates and tools introduced during the workshop, were also provided via Google Classroom. Such an approach greatly benefited learning as I kept my Google Classroom open even after the workshop finished, to give participants time to download the resources they found useful. For two days we talked and experimented with some approaches that proved to be effective:

Digital Marketing Workshop: Day 1

  1. Digital marketing strategy overview: goals/strategy/metrics
  2. Understanding customers: buyer persona creation/online-based research tools
  3. Social media audit: purpose/key steps/tools
  4. Social media marketing overview: key aspects/content creation/ scheduling/tools

Digital Marketing Workshop: Day 2

  1. Content marketing overview
  2. Content marketing best practices: types of content, content scheduling/effective writing attributes
  3. Content marketing analytics: what to measure and how. Tools and resources

What workshops would you be interested in attending in the future? Select your top 3 topics. Thank you!

Being in marketing education, I always look for new partnerships with NZ businesses to keep my teaching grounded in real business experiences, so the workshop was beneficial in many respects, not to mention the fresh perspectives I gained for my digital marketing course that is kicking off in March at the University of Auckland. So, I hope Russians are right in saying that the beginning of the new year sets the tone for the next 12 months. I hope it’s going to be a busy and productive year.

How to share your social media accounts on instagram using linktree

Hi All,

Inna Piven on Instagram
My Linktree URL on Instagram

If you’re looking for a simple solution for sharing multiple of your social accounts on Instagram, try Linktree. Currently I’m using a free plan that offers a number of useful features. I was able to share links to my university academic profile, a blog and social media accounts. Linktree allows you to copy your link URL and/or download a QR code and post it into the ‘website’ field of your Instagram or Twitter bio, or share it in Facebook content. You’re welcome 🙂

How to add links to Linktree

It’s relatively easy to add links to Linktree. The platform is self-explanatory, it contains all the steps needed for users to figure out how it works. So, let’s get it started.

  1. Start with the “Links” button to add links you’d like to share with your followers/audience. Click “Add New Link” and provide a name for your link and a URL. You can also reposition your links – click on the three dots in the left-hand panel to re-order the links.
  2. Go to the “Appearance” section to choose a theme for your Linktree landing page. You have a limited choice of background images/colours and button styles if you use the free plan. But to be honest, it’s good enough to start with.
  3. The next stop is “Settings” which mainly provides PRO features such as email and SMS signups. Under “Settings” you can choose how you’d like to connect with your followers. Linktree allows for downloading a QR code as well as a URL of your landing page.
  4. Lastly, post your QR code or URL across your social media channels.
  5. You can also explore the PRO option which is next to “Settings”.
Linktree QR code
QR code generated by Linktree

While the QR code seems to be a good option for my blog home page, for social media accounts I use a Linktree URL considering that you have just a few lines to give visitors all the important information about you that they need. Hopefully Linktree will help to get a little more exposure for my blog and social media channels. Let’s see 🙂