Marketing Professional

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to have a unique marketing idea to grow your business. My idea crystallised after several BBDO conferences I attended in the 90s. Being ahead of their time, keynote speakers talked about the Internet and how it’s going to change – supposing that it will “kill” traditional marketing. I was convinced that I need to start investigating which aspects of online communications and how they may change marketing. Later, having realised that social media was developing into a massive social, cultural and business phenomenon, my goals were directed towards understanding how my family business can benefit from tools/resources presented by social media.

For over 10 years I have been applying social media marketing to a variety of businesses including my own. I have implemented different tactics, analysed large volumes of data, and produced a variety of content for my companyโ€™s social media channels. I am still learning and continue keeping myself updated with current developments including AI applications in social media advertising, chatbots, and inbound marketing.

After many years of developing and teaching digital and social media marketing, I’m ready to launch my own business – Convenient Technologies Ltd.  I’m happy to help small businesses discover and apply the best social media and digital marketing tactics. I thought it’d be great to share the platforms and tools I use (most of them are free!) and show simple and convenient ways to develop and manage a digital marketing strategy.

NZ Social Media Forum -2021

I am very excited to have been invited to speak at the New Zealand Social Media Forum (NZSOMO).  The 2021 event will be held on June 15th-16th at the AUT Event Centre in Auckland.  

One of the key topics this year is the shifting perceptions and attitudes around social media use. Join my session at 1.35 pm on the 15th of June to take part in the discussion on:

  • Overcoming the challenge of growing an audience on social platforms amidst changing attitudes.
  • Shifting your strategy to account for changes in user behavior

See you there!