Piven, I. & Breazeale, M. (2016). A desperately seeking customer engagement: Five-Sources Model of brand consumption in social media community. In V. Benson, R. Tuninga, &  G. Saridakis (Eds.), Analyzing strategic role of social networking in firms growth and productivity. UK: IGI Global. DOI: 10.4018/978-1-5225-0559-4

Piven, I. & Ho, H. (November 2-5, 2016). A conference paper “Exploring International Students’ Learning Experiences with Facebook-Based Applications in the Intensive Mode of Event Planning and Entrepreneurship Course” for the Society of Marketing Advances conference, the United States, Atlanta.

Ho, H., & Piven, I. (2015, May). Perceptions of international students on intensive learning at a tertiary institution in New Zealand. Paper presented at the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Academy Conference at The University of Findlay, USA.

Piven, I., Ho, H., & Horvath, G. (2015, November). International students’ perceptions of intensive learning in business course delivery: A case study of Otago Polytechnic Auckland International Campus. New Zealand Applied Business Education Conference, Wellington Institute of Technology.

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Piven, I., Davis, R., & Lim, M. (2012). Conceptualising the brand relationship in social media consumption. Paper presented at the Australian and New Zealand Marketing Academy Conference, Adelaide, Australia

A reviewer of the case studies for Case Studies in Strategic Communication (CSSC) 2016 special section papers in Contemporary Marketing Strategies as Communication Tools for Modern Retailer. July 2016

Work in Progress, 2017

PhD research ‘Exploring International Students’ Learning Experiences with Social Media in the Intensive Mode of Business Courses Delivery’ (Curtin University, Australia)

Authored Book “Perspectives on Social Media in Tertiary Education” by Piven, I., Gandell, R., & Lee, M. IGI Global: UK


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