Global Perspectives on Social Media in Tertiary Learning and Teaching

Not just a new book on social media

Hi everyone! A book I have been working on with my co-authors, talented teachers and learning designers from Unitec has been published!

Global Perspectives on Social Media in Tertiary Learning and Teaching: Emerging Research and Opportunities by I. Piven, R. Gandell, Maryann Lee & A Simpson is a scholarly publication that introduces digital and online learning tools to best support teaching practices. A range of topics includes collaborative learning, innovative learning environments, and blended teaching. This book might be helpful for educators, academics, researchers, and professionals within higher education.

Each book chapter got a thumbs up from reviewers which is encouraging!

“The topical nature of the subject matter is tremendously appropriate for educators who find themselves in a global teaching landscapebook on social media in education where culturally relevant practices are essential to student engagement and success”.

“The issues, problems, and trends are given appropriate emphasis, particularly in terms of presenting the overall idea of social media as a key component of emerging pedagogies in post-secondary education”.

“The book is very strong when it addresses specific practices associated with the use of social media to enhance a class. Inclusion of specific recommendations and responses of both students and instructors provided clear illustration of the concepts and practices…”

“Specific responses and reactions from those participating as designers or consumers of the teaching practices provided strong support for the positions taken in the book. The use of research studies also moved the book into the realm of current science, making the book timely and topical”.

That said, it’s time to plan a new book on social media in education! I welcome your ideas and suggestions on topics that you’d like to see in the new book.

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