My happily-ever-after in business

Quite some time ago I came across a brilliant book called ‘Mischief Marketing’ by Jean-Luc Ginder. While it was full of simple and often trivial advice, there was one thing that helped me make sure my business wasn’t boring… and that I wasn’t getting bored of it either.

One of the essentials for finding your happily-ever-after in business is to enjoy the process. Believe me, having a sense of enjoyment and excitement when it comes to your business is by far more important than your results in finance, marketing and management…however in saying that, before you get too comfortable, having impressive results definitely doesn’t hurt. At the end of the day, if you want to make your customers fall in love with your product/service, become the most devoted fan of your company first. Experiment with your business processes, play with design and constantly look for new ideas.

I have plenty of examples of New Zealand companies who stand out of the crowd. They offer experiences that no one else would offer. If you are going to Dunedin, have a cuppa in  the cosy and welcoming atmosphere at Modaks, the most popular hipster cafe. They have hundreds of old gig posters and Ryan Gosling pics instead of traditional table numbers 🙂modaks_2

2 thoughts on “My happily-ever-after in business”

    1. Hi Inna,
      The blog makes a great read – I wanted more! In terms of the content, I felt that the topic gave real ‘food-for-thought’ – I’ve never considered the “happily ever after” of business and enjoying the process along the way. We tend to focus on results only.
      The structure was good – moving nicely from the book, to what it means to be happy ever after in business, then to the examples. I was hooked and would have happily read more examples!
      The visuals were great to view – good choices.
      The click-through Dunedin and Modaks lead to interesting pages and it was good to have the option to do that. Did the book need to be further referenced at the end? Toni

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